A short film directed by Shao Ran

Title: Ociva

Genre: experimental

Format: Short film, 35 mm

Duration: 15-20 minutes

Script: Shao Ran and Leonor Abreu

Direction: Shao Ran

Current status: pre-production

OCIVA is an experimental short film that combines a circular intern narrative structure with a series of related (or not) events that occur in different (or the same) notions of time and space.

OCIVA tries to show and embrace a “force”: it is not limited to its content nor form. The method adopted is not to ask questions or seek answers, but to use characteristics of cinematography to generate visual, audio, and subconscious associations that mobilize the perception of the audience and make the audience feel this force through the screening of some scenes and events.

After the creation of the concept of OCIVA, on a certain level, it leans more towards a mock documentary short film, since the influence of OCIVA is only the record of events of objective fictional scenes.