Dreaming of Serpent

A south films production

Title: Dreaming of serpent

Genre: Thriller

Format: Film

Duration: 120 minutes

Script: Leonor Abreu & Camila Montaldo

Direction: Leonor Abreu

Current status: Development

Dreaming of Serpent is a movie about a renowned art curator in Bilbao. Who’s also a serial killer who channels her artistic frustration by making contemporary art with corpses. Unable to sell her art on conventional channels, she finds a more creative (and illegal) way to do so on the black market, where she managed to gain a lot of prestige.

Her life takes a turn when another murderer, way more mediocre than her, imitates her style and claims the authorship of her previous ones. This triggers a triple investigation: the police searching for the copycat; an obsessive specialist looking for the real killer; and her own search for the copycat.